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Keystone Academy

Dear Prospective Colleagues,

It is with a deep sense of excitement and pride that I welcome your interest in Keystone Academy, a school from foundation year to grade 12 with magnificent, purpose-built facilities. I do so on behalf of a team of outstanding teachers and administrators drawn from around the world. With your involvement and assistance, our new school will continue to become a beautiful blossom in the Beijing educational garden. Here’s why.

First, our name says a great deal about who we are and what we are doing. We know that a keystone is the central piece of an archway. It brings the two sides of the arch together, bears their weight, and makes the entire structure stable and durable. Our major “keystone” fuses the best of Chinese pedagogy and practice with the best of the American boarding school tradition.  We add to this a curricular base drawn from the international education movement and its insights. The result is a powerful combination, academically excellent and educationally innovative.  There is nothing quite like it, anywhere, and you will be joining us in our pioneering, developmental years.

Second, we have other distinctive “keystones.” Our classes are small, 18 in the elementary years and around 15 from grade 6 upwards. Although all our younger students in the primary division are day students, most students in the middle school and all in the high school are full boarders. Here they learn to live together and to develop true character in a residential community notable for its care and compassion. Their teachers live on campus with them, and teach and guide them inside and outside the classroom.  Keystone Academy is also developing partnerships with significant boarding schools around the world, most particularly the East Coast of the United States, where a number of our senior administrators have served in leadership positions over many years. We have created a world-class boarding school right here in Beijing.

Full immersion in bilingual education, Mandarin Chinese and English, is another “keystone”. Our school prepares Chinese and international students for fine colleges and universities in America, other English speaking countries, or anywhere in the world, including China. When our graduates leave Keystone Academy, they will be fluent in at least our two main languages, and bicultural as well.

Running through all years of the curriculum is a thematic focus, we call it our Chinese Thread, on Chinese history, culture, and identity.  This is our third “keystone” allowing students to explore and know our country deeply.  Keystone graduates will be proud and knowledgeable ambassadors for their country, if Chinese, and enriched by their host country if not Chinese.

Experience is like an arch. It opens up new worlds, and draws us onward to the new visions and views that it frames. Keystone Academy will do that for you, as it does for all of us who study and live there.

Malcolm McKenzie, Head of School

About the school

Keystone Academy, a world-class boarding and day school in Beijing, opened its doors in 2014 with nearly 300 students.  Demand for the school has been such that it has already grown to more than 925 students by the opening of the 2016-17 school year.  It is a school catering for Foundation year to Grade 12 with magnificent, purpose-built facilities. The school is located on a beautiful 20-acre site in the Shunyi area of northeast Beijing and the buildings reflect Chinese and Western architectural features, both inside and out. They aim to attract only the most outstanding educators drawn from around the world to join them as the School continues to grow. Keystone Academy has emerged from an urgent need for a new concept in the educational landscape in China and is a non-profit, self-governing, academically outstanding boarding and day school.

Keystone Academy offers a most unusual educational experience, weaving together the best of three educational traditions: the Chinese, the American, and the international.
 The Academy offers an innovative academic program that consists of a curriculum with a Chinese identity that explores China in a global context – its history, art, culture, politics and geography - at its core, combined with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for Primary School.  Keystone is authorised to offer the IBDP, and is a candidate school for MYP.

Students receive dual language immersion education in their primary years and continue their learning in both Chinese and English in the Middle and High Schools. English instruction becomes more intensive and advanced in the Middle and High Schools to prepare students for the best universities and colleges in the world. Students will graduate from Keystone fluent in Chinese and English.

The extensive facilities include an exquisite performing arts building that will host visiting artists and musicians from around the world, state of the art dining commons and the most up to date science and IT laboratories.  The residence halls for boarding students feature large two-person rooms, each of which has a private bathroom.  Teaching faculty and administrators are accommodated in two, three, and four bedroom apartments.  Athletic facilities include three separate indoor gymnasiums, a twenty-five meter swimming pool, several squash courts, a fitness & training center, and indoor and outdoor running tracks.

The Application Process

In order to apply please click on the vacancy below and fill in the online application form.

Please also make sure you download the relevant Information Pack and/or Job Description from the 'Related Downloads' section above. 

Interview process

Interviews are held on a rolling basis via Skype and face to face interviews are to be held in London on 4th December 2016, and in Asia (venue and date TBC).


We will contact Referees for all candidates who reach the initial shortlisting stage - if you would not like us to request references please specify this on the form in the appropriate field.  

Shortlisted candidates will be required to bring original documentation, proof of identity and certificates with them to interview.

Thank you

We look forward to receiving your application and thank you, once again, for your interest in Keystone Academy. 

If you have any specific questions, please contact Wendy Hartrey wendy@ticrecruitment.com or call +44 (0) 2920 212 083.

Please do not contact the school directly at this stage, thank you.


In their documentation for application, candidates are expected to be able to detail:


  • Love of teaching and learning
  • Genuine interest in China, Chinese culture and language
  • Bachelor degree in area assigned to teach
  • Full teaching qualifications/credentials
  • Three years teaching experience
  • Willingness to participate in boarding duties (middle/upper school)
  • Ability to offer a variety of high quality after-school activities
  • Flexibility, open mindedness, robust sense of humour
  • Internationally minded
  • Willing to work in collaboration with colleagues to establish a positive school culture, and grow programs
  • Confidence to allow a primary focus on student learning
  • A respectful listener
  • Up to date proficiency with information technology


  • International experience 
  • IPC experience (Primary)
  • IB MYP experience (Secondary)
  • IB DP experience (Secondary)
  • Bilingual immersion experience
  • Language acquisition training
  • Ability to lead curricular development and improvement in subject area
  • Willingness and ability to teach across divisions if needed 
  • Experience teaching in a residential (Boarding) school (Secondary)

Please note that English fluency is required for positions taught in English, and Chinese fluency is required for positions taught in Chinese.

Available jobs

Sorry - no jobs are currently listed with this school.

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